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Advanced Tax and Estate Planning Strategies

Using a combination of different tactics based on your unique situation and objectives, Damian Dering creates custom strategies to help clients mitigate taxation and pass on wealth in the most tax-advantaged manner possible. After 25 years of experience helping clients grow and protect their assets, he has always understood that protecting wealth from excess taxation is a critical part of your holistic, multigenerational wealth plan. Our first priority is to make sure your estate doesn’t take a hit in 2026.

Damian Dering, ChFC®


Damian Dering has been in the wealth management and financial services industry for more than 25 years. He is concerned about what may happen when the federal estate tax exemption goes back down in 2026, especially for his clients living in the Western part of the United States (he is licensed in CA, WA, ID, AZ and NV) where high real estate prices tend to inflate their estate’s total value. Damian is well-versed in multiple financial strategies that can help people mitigate taxes and pass on tax-advantaged wealth. He works with individuals, families and business owners.

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Estate Tax Exemption:

What You Should Know

The current high exemption level that has protected many heirs from owing federal taxes on inherited estates is expiring on January 1, 2026.

For people who pass away in 2022, the federal estate tax exemption amount adjusted for inflation is currently $12.06 million per person. For a married couple, that comes to a combined exemption amount of $24.12 million before any federal estate taxes are owed. Few people have estates worth more than that. But here’s what you really need to know.

The current high exemption levels which became law in 2017 with the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) are expiring. The TCJA specifically states that the doubled exemption level will sunset January 1, 2026, going back down to the 2017 level.

Most of a large estate’s value is taxed at a 40% rate.

Luckily the state of California does not collect an estate tax. However, for people who inherit an estate worth more than the exempted amount, the federal tax bill is steep. Once an estate’s value exceeds the exempted amount by $1 million or more, it is taxed at 40%.

What will happen in the 2026 tax year.

Indexed for inflation, the exemption in 2026 will go back down to around $6.6 million for an individual, and twice that for a couple. This means lot more people will be affected and subject to estate taxes, especially people in California with high property values!

If you wish to pass on your estate to your beneficiaries and/or charities in the most tax-advantaged way possible, the time to act is now.

There are many ways Damian Dering can help you handle estate planning in conjunction with your estate attorney (or ours if you don’t have one). Grantor trusts, certain irrevocable trusts, life insurance trusts (ILITs), generation-skipping trusts, family limited partnerships and/or other advanced strategies require great attention to detail as well as knowledge of IRS rules and tax laws.

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Advanced Tax and Estate Planning Strategies

Estate Plan Maximization / Tax Mitigation

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Damian Dering and his team help people with advanced tax and estate planning strategies as part of a holistic, multigenerational plan to pass on wealth in the most tax-advantaged manner possible. Let’s discuss your situation.


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